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Holidays in Slovakia - Holiday Country House in Turcianske Teplice :

    - holidays in a cottage environment
    - holidays in a spa town of Turcianske Teplice / near Martin /
    - holidays near swimming pools
    - holidays with spa procedures possibilities
    - holidays near mountains and ski resorts


Holiday Country House, Turcianske Teplice / 27 km from a bigger town of Martin/
provides the accommodation in a cottage environment - in two independent flat
units - that are both fully on disposal of the guests. An advantage of our offer
compared with a hotel or boarding house is that our Holiday Country House provides
full privacy to the guests, they have the house for themselves.There is also a big living
room that can be used for various purposes such as entertainment, lectures, courses,
and so on. We have also table tennis at our house.

Holiday country house is situated in the outskirts part of the spa town of Turcianske
Teplice near the trout stream Zarnovica. It is in a quiet environment with an
independent big yard at the orchard and a garden with a garden fireplace, a corner
for children ... sand-pit, see saws .... The house is 1000m far from aquapark, thermal
pool and the spa center. Turcianske Teplice is the only spa in Slovakia where the
urinary ailments are treated, and also they treat muscle ailments here. Besides the
possibility of taking curative spa procedures, there is the aquapark(available for the whole year)
and thermal swimming pool (in summer time)
for holidaymakers to have a rest at.
They can also go fishing, biking, picking
mushrooms and various berries in the near forests.
Our area , so called Turcianska
valley, is surrounded with the mountains Big Fatra,
Small Fatra and Kremnicke
mountains (in Slovak Veľká Fatra, Malá Fatra and Kremnické vrchy).
All these mountains are famous for their tourist
tracks and ski resorts.
In the distance from 5 to 30 km there are such ski resorts
as Čremošné, Krahule, Skalka,
Jasenská valley and Snowland Valča (last two with artificial snow), and Martinske hole.

Rekreacny vidiecky dom
Zarnovicka 22
039 01 Turcianske Teplice
tel: +421-43-492 2056
cellular: +421-905-962 740
GPS: 48.877584, 18.853771

Ing. Katarina Sarlinova
Horne Rakovce 1379/19
039 01 Turcianske Teplice
tel: +421-43-492 2056
cellular: +421-905-962 740
Rooms - Accommodation:

in two independent flat units (see the ground plan)

1st flat unit: 12 stable beds + 3 additional beds = 15 max
         Rooms: 1/3, 1/4+1, 1/5, +3 (in living room)

2nd flat unit: 4 stable beds + 2 additional beds = 6 max
          Rooms: 1/4, +2 (in living room)

Total capacity:        to 21 persons (maximum)
                             from  2 persons (minimum)


cash or at reservation for full season: half in advance, half at arrival 


Prices :

between   8 - 12 EUR

according to - number of persons
                    - number of days to be spent in the house
                    - heating or non heating period of the year


except season - by agreement


parking place inside the yard


central gas heating


By car: from the main road Martin - Banska Bystrica, Ziar n. Hronom n'65
            at football ground in Diviaky (there ia also camp) turn to Prievidza
            direction and after 200 m turn left against the stream and then the
            house: Zarnovicka 22
            When from Prievidza: through the railway - then the third turning
            to the right.
            Orientating point: Zakladna skola - DIVIAKY (Primary school in

Bus station - 350m
Railway station (Diviaky) - 350m

Room's , Ground plan

1st flat unit

(12 stable beds + 3 add. beds)
1 - Passage
2 - 1st bedroom - 4 beds + one couch, wardrobe, night tables, night lamps
3 - 2nd bedroom - 5 beds, wardrobe, night tables, night lamps
4 - 3rd bedroom - 3 beds, wardrobe, night tables, night lamps
5 - 1st bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin
6 - 2nd bathroom with bathtub, toilet in separate space
7 - Boiler
8 - Kitchen with refrigerator + freezing space, gas store and other equipment
9 - Living room with fireplace, color TV

2nd flat unit

(4 stable beds + 4 add. beds)

10 - Kitchen  + freezing space, gas store and other equipment
11 - Bathroom with shower, toilet
12 - Living room
13 - bedroom - night tables, night lamps
14 - behind the door place

1st flat unit

2nd flat unit


Own kitchen - own meals
Restaurants - nearest 200m; the others - in the town
Pub - 300m

Sport, culture and healing facilities

The Slovak healing spa Turcianske Teplice-

The spa came into being on the basis of the hot sources of the healing waters.The
sulphate-hydrocarbonated lime-magnesium hypotonic water is used by  water curing
procedures and by drinking cures. The temperature of the springing water is up
to 46,5 C.

Adults and also children are healed in these indications:

- neurologic disorders by the adults
- disorders of the motion organism
- kidney and urine ways diseases
- gynecologic disorders by the children

Healing methods:
  Drinking cures, bath in natural healing water, complete
  watercure (bead- and whirling baths, trading baths and Scottish
  spouts), classic, reflex- and underwater massages, complete
  electric cure, rehabilitation exercises, terrain cure, dialyze, healing
  nourishment, laserotherapy, oxygenotherapy

- stay under pyramid

Near ski resorts - description

Cremosne / Medvedia dolina - Bear Valley/ - 5 km distance from the House
  is part of Big Fatra mountains, near the town  of Turcianske Teplice (3 km).
  Two ski lifts each 400 m long are on the northern slope, 850 m above sea
  level. The third ski lift 120 m is for the children. Also very good conditions
  for cross-country skiing.

Jasenska dolina /Jasenska Valley/ - 24 km distance form the House
  on the northern slopes of the Big Fatra mountains, 10 km far from Martin.
  Seven ski lifts are 170 - 700 m long, 540 - 750 m above sea level. Snow
  making. Night skiing.
  Services: equipment center, ski school and nursery, ski rental.

Krahule, Skalka - 17 km distance from the House
  in Kremnicke vrchy, 7 km far from Kremnica, also cross-country skiing,
  880 - 1260 m above sea level. Skalka - four ski lifts 100 - 750 m long,
  Krahule - three ski lifts 300 - 550 m long.
  Services: equipment center, ski school and nursery, ski rental.

Martinske hole - 30 km distance from the House
  in Mala Fatra Mountains, next to Martin, known for its long skiing season,
  650 - 1440 m above sea level, 6 lifts and a chair lift. The single chair lift is
  2080 m long, rises 600 m. The ski lifts are 420 - 1460 m long. Besides
  downhill skiing, also cross-country possibilities.
  Services: equipment center, ski school and nursery, ski rental.

Snowland Valca - 22 km distance from the House
  3 ski lifts  300-750 m long, 630 m above sea level, services: skischool,
  equipment center, ski rental, small ice field for ice skating

Other places of interest

Turiec                                          Gaderska valley - (14 km) the most beautiful
                                                          and the longest valley in Turiec area -
                                                          starting point for beautiful tourists tracks

           click to enlarge (100kb)

Harmanecka cave (26 km)           Orava castle (68 km)

Martin - (32 km) the town, cultural center of national life; Open Air Museum of Slovak Village

Kremnica - (17 km)historic. mining town
Bojnice - (20 km) Zoopark, Gothic chateau
and others

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